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Client Centered

We provide customized investment solutions based on your values, financial objectives, time horizon, and risk tolerance.

Our process starts with getting to know you. We ask questions. We listen. We gather data. We find out what is important to you. We keep your liquidity needs in mind, as well as your attitude toward risk. These conversations will help you gain clarity about your money and your investment philosophy.

As we build our portfolios, we screen companies on how they treat people and the planet and avoid fossil fuel producers, weapons manufacturers, private prisons, and tobacco producers. We can also screen for other factors based on your interests and values.

We review companies from a fundamental perspective, reviewing their balance sheet and income statements, and evaluating factors like financial stability, profitability, growth, and dividends.

Our goal is to select companies that are strong, and resilient, treat their employees well, and do their best to be good stewards in their communities and with our natural resources.

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